Home Grown TeaEnjoy a calming cup of hot tea or iced tea made from herbs grown in your own herbal tea garden. With all we know about the benefits of herbs, we should all make an effort to increase our tea consumption. Growing your own herbal tea garden is a relaxing and perfect way to ensure you're drinking fresh, healthful teas.
Herb plants & seeds for sale in spring 2017
Berries & BramblesBlackberries and raspberries are perennial plants that bear fruit on biennial canes. The roots live on indefinitely, but each year they send canes that generally produce fruit the second season,then die. Straw berries are another great choice of berries to grow.
Brambles & berry plants for sale spring 2017
FlowersGrowing your own flowers is very satisfying and gives you the freedom to try different plants in your garden without the expense of buying lots of plants.
Flowing plants & seeds for sale spring 2017
VegetablesThere's never been a better time to join the grow your own buzz. More people than ever are getting involved, saving money and experiencing the joy of tasting fresh fruit and vegetables. It's healthy-fresh produce straight from the garden contains the maximum vitamins and minerals to promote healthy living! It will save you money-it all helps with the household budget!
Starter veggie plants for sale spring 2017